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Brew in a Bag

Keen to try brewing your beer in bag? We’re not pulling your leg. It’s a tried and tested method of all grain beer brewing that is growing in popularity in Australia and across the world.

Brew in a bag is an inexpensive way for homebrewers to transition to all grain or partial mash brewing with shorter setup, brewing and cleanup times.

Brew Craft's range of wort kits provide just about all you need to brew the perfect beer for your taste. You simply add the yeast and water in a bag for a professional brewers flavor.

We have a variety of ready-to-make beer packs to suit any taste, including:

See our full range of wort kits here.

If you want to learn more about brew in a bag, simply give our expert team a call on 9444 0468 or drop into our showrooms in Osborne Park and Joondalup.

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