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Black Rock LAGER

Black Rock LAGER

Black Rock LAGER


Black Rock LAGER

A blend of hop varieties produces the characteristic bitterness and aroma of this light and refreshing lager. Black Rock home brew kits use traditional methods to create natural beers. Finest Nelson hops and malted barley produce the taste and clarity demanded by the home brewer, batch after batch.


Malts - Lager
Hops -Green Bullet, Pacific Jade
Yeast (under the lid)
Hop extracts may be present.

Colour and EBU

Typical Analysis: 6+/-2 EBC (Colour), 20+/-2 EBU (Bitterness)

Suggested Recipe - Cascade Dry Hopped Lager

If you love intensely bitter beers this is the one for you. This beer has a lovely citrusy aroma from the added cascade hops.

2 cans Black Rock Lager
20 to 30 grams Cascade hops (depending on your palate for hops)

Brewing  Hints

Follow the instructions on the back of the can. Only use the 2 x Black Rock Lager Cans, do not add any sugar as the instructions say. Make up to 23 litres kit with the addition (added dry) of 20 to 30 grams of cascade hops to the malt extract.

Ferment with Saflager S23

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