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Black Rock PALE ALE 1.7kg

Black Rock PALE ALE 1.7kg

Black Rock PALE ALE 1.7kg


Black Rock PALE ALE 1.7kg

A distinctive, international style, golden pale ale with a moderate bitterness from the selected Nelson Hops.


Malts - Lager
Hops - Green Bullet, Pacific Gem
Yeast (under the lid).
Hop extracts may be present

Colour and EBU

Typical Analysis: 6+/-2 EBC (Colour), 16+/-2 EBU (Bitterness)

Suggested Recipe 

1 Can Blackrock Draught
1 Can Blackrock Pale Ale
1 can Blackrock light unhopped extract
1 kg Dextrose
30 g  Cascade Pellet Hops or 2 x 15g Cascade Hop Infusion Bags
1 Muslin Hop Sock (not necessary if you don’t mind a little bit of vegetative material carrying over into your beer)

Ferment with 1 x Safale US05 yeast

Price: $21.95 AUD inc GST

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